This is a family garden with the requirements of a young family, space for the children to play, a kitchen garden, areas for entertaining and places to relax.  In the back yard, the areas around the house are formal and structured but moving away from the house it becomes more informal.

There are several distinct areas: 

A decked platform will be built in front of the house to accommodate a hot tub, outside kitchen area and table and chairs to seat 10. Beds around the decking will be planted with herbs and small shrubs.

The children’s play area will have a climbing frame, playhouse and children’s flowerbed. Tree trunks of different dimensions will be placed for the children to play on and waterspouts will provide cool fun in the summer.

A formal kitchen garden, edged with a lavender hedge.

The steep slopes to the south will be xeriscaped with boulders, a stream and path running through.  A pergola with built in seats at the bottom of the garden will provide a secluded seating area.