This family garden has diverse requirements: an area for entertaining, places to relax, a kitchen garden, protection for wildlife and space for the children to play sport.

There are several distinct areas:

  • There are two patio areas by the house.  One for sunbathing and one for use as an eating area under a pergola providing shade from the heat of the day. The herb garden is within easy reach for barbecue cooking.
  • A raised vegetable garden.
  • A wildlife area planted with native plants providing food and shelter.
  • A semi-secluded sunny seating area surrounded by scented shrubs and climbers.  A wooden post and rope pergola provides the framework. 
  • The shaped lawn, which will be re-turfed provides space for the trampoline and room to play cricket.

Planting around the patios has flowers of bold reds yellows and oranges. Moving down the garden the colours are softer blues and pinks.